The Simon Group works over more than 40 years in the building industry and currently is capable of delivering a complete solution in engineering. Since the project’s conception, in all types of structures and segments, going through inspections, compatibilities until the complete management of the work.

The construction industry embraces a lot of challenges, due to its complexity or by its diversity of solutions, the high costs and risks involved or even the large amount of people and crews that need to work together. All of this can make you have unforeseen events and incompatibilities affecting your project, raising the costs in unpredictable ways.

Besides the broad know-how acquired along the years in more than three thousand, national and international, performed projects; Simon Group rely on extremely specialized companies, in different areas of engineering, which perform in a harmonic and orchestrated way, certifying that your projects have the maximum technological satisfaction and creativity in its solutions, aiming the optimization of the disposable resources.

We assist you to develop your project, creating solutions with the excellence from planning to execution, saving you from worry about contracting and managing multiple crews and companies.


Structural calculation, BIM modeling or 3D scanning.  Our performance covers
fundamental stages in the planning, construction and execution of a project.


Sim Projetos is a Simon Group company, which has been working for over 40 years in the market of construction. We work in the sector of structural calculation engineering in the most diverse types of segments, in Brazil and abroad.


Through BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology we virtually built a
undertaking, seeking practical and innovative solutions to the main problems
observed in works optimizing time and investments.


Works in the engineering and architecture sector bringing solutions for digital reality capture through 3D scanning (point cloud) with millimetric accuracy and tools for
inspection and projects in BIM.